Applicator Spray Course

Applicator Spray Course

PDA's Applicator Spray Course is comprised of three courses, Surface Preparation for Concrete and Steel, Basic Applicator Spray Course and Advanced Applicator Spray Course. These training sessions can be taken separately or together.

PDA Basic Applicator Spray Course
The course identifies the many elements involved in the successful operation and set-up of Polyurea spray equipment and phases of hot spray polyurea application. It also gives attendees an in-depth analysis of commercially available equipment designs and necessary hardware components to ensure successful operation and spray application of polyureas. 

PDA Advanced Applicator Spray Course
This in-depth course (combined with the Surface Preparation and Basic Applicator Course) takes those who spray now to the next level, allowing them to be recognized as experts. Learn the ins and outs of gun and equipment troubleshooting, understanding the spec to achieve the best result and much more. PDA Basic (Spray) Applicator Course is a pre-requisite unless granted admission by the instructor.

Dates and Locations
March 4 - 9, 2018
Diamond Liners' facility - Sante Fe Springs, CA
Thank you to all course participants!

June 3 - 8, 2018
Chemline Facility - St. Louis, MO
Thank you to all course participants!

November 11 - 16, 2018
Diamond Liners' facility - Santa Fe Springs, CA

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ATTIRE: For your safety, please wear long pants and long sleeve shirts and closed toes shoes on days when spraying polyurea.  It is suggested to wear clothing that can be ruined.

VERY IMPORTANT: Attendees are responsible for bringing a ½-face organic cartridge respirator. Respirator cartridges can be purchased here.